PR Advisory & Strategy


To get the most out of your PR you need to think strategically.

The communication industry has changed beyond recognition during the last 10 years. Under the pressure of new technologies traditional borders between communication-related professions get blurred. Numerous managers and entrepreneurs face serious challenges in choosing the right vision, strategy and tools for effective communication. This is why it is essential to define your strategy wisely and to make sure it clearly supports your business. Unless you know where you’re going, you cannot know when you’ve got there.

Here is how our PR advisory and strategy services work:

  • Business analysis: commercial vision & desired economic results
  • Unique concept: Lean PR Clinic, a facilitated session that brings together your top management and communications team in order to melt your vision and needs into one clear, powerful and engaging communications strategy
  • Strategy drafting, implementation advisory
  • Individual & team advisory (personal, phone, email & Skype advisory)
  • Unique service: PR mentoring – 90min mentoring sessions for PR professionals that help you to check the validity and gain a different perspective on your communication activities
  • … and more.