Media Relations


Successful media relations are an issue of will, self-confidence and trust.

Few industries have undergone so many changes as the media industry during the last decade. Some companies today openly avoid the media (gained content) and choose investing into more owned or paid content in order to share their messages with the world. However, the media is still playing an essential role in strategic reputation management. This is why you need to be ready to walk the distance and start thinking like a reporter if you want to see your name in the newspapers repeatedly and in a positive context. Strategic media relations are an issue of knowledge, trust, mutual understanding and respect for the journalistic profession. While getting you out of your comfort zone, it is also one of the most powerful means of communications available today.

Here is how we help you with your media relations:

  • Media relations strategy set-up: using our team members’ years of newsroom experience we help you to define a clear, effective and measurable media relations strategy
  • Source management: same as an editor in the newsroom we identify your sources of news and unique intelligence, we train your people (management, experts, communication team) into talking to the media (see Cristina’s media training offer) and we support them in their media relations efforts
  • Media content generation: using unique elements from your background we generate media stories that combine facts AND emotions into strategic messages in order to share your values and vision with the world
  • Media content management: we help you to generate, distribute and manage all types of media-related content (news releases, media kits, media debriefs etc.). Check our Client News section for examples of such materials from past and existing clients. 
  • Media relations monitoring and measurement: we help you to understand, quantify and integrate the impact of your media relations on your overall communications strategy.