Content Management


In the digital age you are what you publish.

The digital era opened new communication opportunities hard to imagine only a few years ago. The time when it was enough to publish only self-promoting marketing content and get away with it is over: today customers ask for partnership, engagement and conversation. One of the most powerful tools communicators got to achieve such goals is strategic content management. This involves engaging text, photos and videos, all strategically connected into one powerful concept: your story.

Here is how we help you with content management:

  • Content management strategy set-up: using journalistic and professional PR advisory experience we help you to define how you’d like to be perceived by your public\
  • Brand journalism: in our work we use top-notch journalistic and storytelling techniques tested in real life newsrooms 
  • Storytelling: using unique elements from your background we generate stories that combine facts AND emotions into strategic storytelling in order to share your values and vision with the world
  • Source management: same as an editor in the newsroom we identify your sources of news and unique intelligence, we train your people (management, experts, communication team) into becoming powerful story engines and we support them in their content generation effort
  • Content generation: we interview people, write, edit, proofread and publish content, take pictures and shoot videos that tell a vibrant story in line with your vision and corporate communications strategy
  • Content management: we follow the reactions to the content you publish and engage into a conversation with your public. We use your audience’s feedback as a strategic tool for change, inspiration and growth.

Media Education CEE was the first company to organize an international Brand Journalism conference in Central and Eastern Europe in April 2011. For more details on how brand journalism strategies work and what you need in order to implement such a strategy for your company contact us.