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Let´s Return to the Heart of the Matter

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Within the International Engineering Fair (IAF) Brno 2014, TÜV SÜD Czech, the world leader in testing and certification of products, will launch the second year of the successful partnership program among companies that are significantly committed to quality. Bringing together 28 biggest companies in the Czech industry, the partnership is a continuation of the last year´s successful project Quality bears fruit and is entitled Let´s return to the heart of the matter this year.

"Looking back at what made our country outstanding in the time from the industrial revolution, we can see it is especially extensive industrialization and technologically mature production. By far we are not a country of farmers but a country of industrialists. The question is what it means for our economy for the future, what we will do for living in the next years, what will be our interesting feature for the global market," Oleg Spružina, TÜV SÜD Czech´s CEO ponders on the project and adds: "It is quite clear already now that it will not be cheap mass production but conversely orientation on the combination of smart industrial production and pronounced quality. And quality is the topic that begins to be broached again. It is one of the little parameters in which we can really stand out and link to the historical tradition."

Czech industrial players: one cannot survive without quality in the today´s market 

29 biggest players in the Czech industry enrolled in the project Let´s return to the heart of the matter this year. They include ABB, ArcelorMittal Ostrava, Bosch Rexroth, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Siemens, Škoda Machine Tool or Vítkovice. "No company in the private sector has negligent approach to quality. Such companies would not have survived in the market in the last seven years," Vladimír Trojáček, Quality Manager in MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic, says about the project.

Michal Kurcik, Sales Manager in SoliCAD agrees and adds that especially quality personnel are required to ensure quality in a company. 

"We cooperate with selected suppliers to ensure our orders. Choosing a suitable supplier as a long-term partner is absolutely necessary to meet the customer´s requirements and ensure competitiveness of an organization in the market," says Jaroslav John, Head of Quality in WANZL, another project partner. John also drew attention to the importance of quality in searching for partners: "We are very careful when choosing our suppliers. We use everyday tasks to retroactively analyse information that we further use to optimize cooperation with suppliers. We use supplier audits when looking for suppliers and in several cases I encountered very negligent approach to quality. In such a case, we do not establish cooperation with such a supplier."

Keeping order in a company sets free and releases capacity for innovations 

For us, the core is a high-quality product that is globally competitive. The basis of the Czech economy is the combination of industrial tradition and quality, order and standards," Oleg Spružina, TÜV SÜD Czech´s CEO comments on the nature of the project Let´s return to the heart of the matter. At the same time he thinks that European and Czech goods can look forward to a great future. "Despite the crisis, the stocks of companies that produce high quality products are still high even nowadays. This is why I think it is worth focusing especially on quality of our work and outcome," says Spružina. 

The CEO of TÜV SÜD Czech, that focuses especially on testing and certification of products, sees quality as the combination of thorough work and ability to innovate on a timely basis and adapt to what is happening in the market.

"For me, thorough work is a result of standardization. To be able to innovate, companies need to have "order at home”: missing order in the basic processes means that energy is spent on process management instead of innovations. In my opinion, standardization of processes offers mental freedom and ability to focus on what is important: innovations according to market needs." 

"In order to ensure innovations and future growth of our company – and technical industry in general, we need to reinforce - or change - the system of teaching technical fields in the Czech system of education so that there are enough new specialists with required knowledge of a specific area and responsible approach to compliance with quality requirements," agrees Jaroslav John of WANZL.

Through partnership to quality 

The project Let´s return to the heart of the matter is a continuation of the successful year 2013 that was held under the name Quality bears fruit. TÜV SÜD Czech will support the declaration of quality as one of the company´s core values through a communication campaign. The campaign takes place right before the start of the International Engineering Fair (IEF) Brno 2014 and the project is time-limited only by the duration of the event. Partnership, if any, is based solely on the willingness to endorse quality. The project entails no costs for the project partners. "So, let´s focus again on our shared values, on order, quality," Oleg Spružina summarizes the activity of TÜV SÜD Czech.

A complete list of partners of the project Let´s return to the heart of the matter as at 15 August 2014:
1. ABB s.r.o.
2. Adast Engineering, s.r.o.
3. ALCOMEX Spring Works, s.r.o.
4. ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.
5. Bomar, spol. s r.o.
6. Bosch Rexroth, spol. s r.o.
7. BUFAB CZ s.r.o.
8. FRONIUS Česká republika s.r.o.
9. GUMEX, spol. s r.o.
10. HENNLICH s.r.o.
11. IMI International - NORGREN
12. KALINA industries s.r.o.
13. MCAE Systems, s.r.o.
14. MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic, spol. s r. o.
15. Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
16. Národní strojírenský klastr, o.s.
17. NEXNET, a.s.
18. První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s.
19. RÖHM GmbH
20. Siemens s.r.o.
21. Slůně-svět jazyků, s.r.o.
22. SoliCAD, s.r.o.
24. TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s.
26. TOSHULIN, a.s.
27. VÍTKOVICE, a.s.
28. WANZL spol. s r.o.

A list of benefits for the partners of the project Let´s return to the heart of the matter

Before 29 September 2014 (before the fair)

  • Information on the partnership on the website prepared for the project by TÜV SÜD Czech (TSCZ): company logo, company profile, information on the location of a stand at IEF 2014
  • Project symbol on the website of all partners including a link to the project website
  • Press release issued by TSCZ, listing of project partners
  • Articles in printed and on-line media:
  • Printed media: E15, Hospodářské noviny (Economic Newspaper), Technický týdeník (Technical Weekly), MM Spektrum, Technik, Lobby, Svět průmyslu (The World of Industry), Trade, and more
  • On-line:,, and more
  • Information on the project, list of partners in TÜV SÜD Journal corporate magazine
  • Banner ads referring to the project website
  • Presentation of partnership on LinkedIn
  • In the case of greater interest of partners, a seminary held before the fair on the topic "How to get more visibility from the presence in international events".

29 September - 3 October 2014 (at the fair)

  • The possibility to present your company in a seminary of TÜV SÜD Czech held within IEF 2014 – e.g. in the form of a product sheet
  • Event banner with logos of partners in the seminary
  • A bowl with apples in the partners´ stands informing about joining to the project
  • Presence of a hostess at the fair that will advise of partners and also hand out the project symbol – apples.


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